About 50 years ago my grandfather bought a small vineyard so as to create his own wine and serve his very own “wine pleasures”. He chose the small village of Vagia in Thebes with the great wine culture, the right soils and a deep history which speaks to us about legends and myths, about riddles and answers, about the Sphinx and Edipus that lived under the shade of the same mountain: Fikas (or Fagas as it is used to be called today).

Since 1990 and three generations forward, we created, out of passion and mere devotion, our own tradition on this historic land.  With hard work and deep faith we turned, day by day and step by step, an uncared for land into a flourishing vineyard. We planted vines of Assyrtiko and Malagouzia in 2008 and since then we are watching a miracle being born, raised and ripe in front of our eyes.

We love and respect nature, we take good care of our land and our vineyards and we put all the skill and knowledge of our people in order to get the best possible outcome. With low yield and modern winemaking methods in stainless steel tanks, we create fresh wines by combining Greek and European varieties, collaborating with the best producers of Thebes.

We continue our journey to the wine tradition of Greece with true love built on faith, commitment and free will searching for new vines, new people, new methods and new wines keeping though our heart’s desire unchanged: to live your own great little miracles along with our wines.