KLIMA is the wine that, from the first till the last drop, deserves to accompany your moments: the family dinner, the present to a dear friend, the night out, the great events of our life.
We got inspired for the KLIMA family of wines combining knowledge and expertise, experimentation and varieties so as to be able to respond to the real need of the wine enthusiast of today: unpretentious quality.

Klima White Wine Roditis

The roditis grapes are planted in our semi-mountainous vineyards located in the foothills of Mount Sphinx.

The invigorating lemon citrus aromas, its round body and refreshing acidity perfectly pairs the traditional Greek cuisine of the Mediterranean sea and sun.

PGI Thiva

Dry White Wine

750ml 12.5% vol

Varieties: Roditis

Klima Red Wine

Cabernet – Merlot

Blend delightful red wine, with a pleasant spicy character, made from the Cabernet and Merlot varieties.

Deep cherry red. Ripe, lifted black fruit. Spicy and generous in fruit sweetness, balanced by rounded and definite tannins. Dry, textured finish. Wholesome and harmonious.

Its personality goes beautifully with red meats, spicy charcuterie and plates with a strong personality.


PGI Thiva

Dry Red Wine

750 ml 13% vol

Varieties: Cabernet – Merlot